Now offering Halibut fishing to visitors from Skagway!



Half Day Charters - $249/person (4 hour session)

We have two 1/2 day charters per day. The morning charter fishes from 7:30am-11:30am and the afternoon charter fishes from 12:30pm-4:30pm.

Private Group Charters - CALL TO BOOK

If your party is interested in having the boat to yourself, contact me about a private charter at 907-515-7028 or [email protected]. This is when the full day charter can go where the 1/2 day can't. If your group would like to fish waters that are not reachable during the 4 hour morning and afternoon charters, private chartering the boat for the day gives us the opportunity to pack a lunch and head to the rarely fished prime fishing grounds. Spend the full day on the water without the need to return mid day and fish the most densely populated Halibut fishing grounds Southeast Alaska has to offer. Are you ready to Catch The Kraken!

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Fishing Licenses Sold ON-BOARD

Arrive at the boat slip 30 minutes prior to buy and fill out your 1-Day Alaska Fishing License. For Halibut the price is $25 per day. We sell the Alaska Fishing Licenses on the boat.

Cancellation Policy

See our cancellation policy.

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