Now offering Halibut fishing to visitors from Skagway!



Half Day Charters - $199/person (4 hour session)

We have two 1/2 day charters per day. The morning charter fishes from 8:30am-12:30pm and the afternoon charter fishes from 1:30pm-5:30pm.

Private Charters - $1599 (8 hour session / up to 6 people)

Every so often we get the question, "Do you offer a true full day charter?". The answer is, only if we have a group that private charters the boat. We have a total of 4 fishing spots available on the boat and with mixed groups, we return from the fishing grounds during the middle of the day to drop off our morning guests and pick up our afternoon guests. The only way we can truly offer a full day charter is if our guests private charter the boat allowing us to stay on the fishing grounds for the full day. If you or your group is less than the maximum of 4 people and does not wish to private charter the boat, you will need to book both our morning session and our afternoon session. We return to the harbor at 12:30pm allowing an hour for you to eat lunch at one of the great cafes in Haines before returning to the boat at 1:30pm for the afternoon session. If your group decides to "Private Charter" for the day, we will spend the full 8 hours on the water. Lunch will be provided for the group of 4 from a local cafe, The Rusty Compass, and we can keep the lines in the water while spending the day on the fishing grounds.

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Fishing Licenses Sold ON-BOARD

Arrive at the boat slip 30 minutes prior to buy and fill out your 1-Day Alaska Fishing License. For Halibut the price is $25 per day. We sell the Alaska Fishing Licenses on the boat.

Cancellation Policy

See our cancellation policy.

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